Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of those days!

Do you ever feel like nothing is going right? Like my life wasn't supposed to be like this! Oh boy do I feel like that today! My 91yr old Grandmother was living with me, which I loved! Ya we had some rough days but over all I loved the time with her and so did she. Well in June she fell and broke her hip. Not so good! She had surgery and had to go into a nursing home to recover. the recovery was supposed to take about 20-40 days. Well it has been 3 months! She has a hard time drinking water so she is getting dehydrated, she has had pneumonia twice now, and a UTI. She is too weak to do physical therapy and I hate seeing her like this. Today I went to see her and she is on oxygen and can hardly talk! I was really trying not to cry cause it breaks my heart seeing such a strong woman just laying in bed not being able to breath or talk. Then I get to my car and it wouldn't start! Talk about being mad. I couldn't help crying out of frustration! I finally got the car started and just drove home! I didn't want to run into anymore things.

Well my car seems to be fine now, no idea why it wouldn't start before. I am just praying my Grandmother gets over this pneumonia and can get back to doing physical therapy and eating and drinking the way the Dr wants her too and we want her too!

Sorry for the venting! It has just been one of those days!

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