Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pies for Thanksgiving

So I have started working (which I love by the way) so my time is cut in half or more a day. I have been slacking on cooking dinner and doing the easy fast bag dinners or tacos and all the easy stuff. I LOVE to cook so I have felt bad that my family is having to eat food that isn't the freshest and all that. Well I decided I am not going to cheat this Thanksgiving!

I always make homemade pies and I am determined to do it this year too, working or not!
It is so easy to make home made pies and they taste so much better then store bought.

So my strategy is on Sunday (my day off) make my pie crust dough. I am making 3 pies so I will triple my recipe and after it is made up I will make 3 equal balls of dough and wrap them in plastic wrap place them in the fridge and they will be great till I make my pies the night before Thanksgiving.

After I cool my pies I will cover in foil, and set them in the garage. Well on my washer cause it is so cold here right now they will be perfectly fine and it frees up room in the fridge.

Here  is the recipe I use.

8 serving (two 8 or 9 in crusts)

2 1/4 cups all- purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup shortening, well chilled ( I use butter but I thought I would give you the real recipe and what I do!)
2 TB butter, well chilled
5 to 6 TB cold water

Combine flour and salt in bowl, mix for 15 seconds, Cut butter and Shortening into pieces and add to flour mixture. Mix till particles are the size of peas about 30-45 seconds. Continue mixing and add cold water one TB at a time, just until moistened dough begins to hold together. Divide dough into 2 balls wrap in plastic wrap and put in fridge for 15 mins.

When you are ready to roll out your dough put it between 2 pieces of wax paper you want it about 1/8th in thick.
Fold into quarters to put into pie pan easier. Unfold and press firmly into pan against the sides and bottom.
Crimp sides the way you like. I pinch them.

Like I said I will make the dough Sunday. I will post pics then! Also When I make my pies I will post pics.

What pies do you make?
I make pumpkin, Apple and pecan.
If you have any suggestions please post in the comments! We all can learn a thing or two!

Have an awesome day!  

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