Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mom me time!

ok so what is Mom Me time? Most Moms don't know what this is but it is needed badly!
So how do you fit it in with EVERYONE counting on you to get so much done? How do you fit in me time when you are lucky to get a shower or at least one without interuptions!

Sadly the only way to get this needed Me time is to be organized. I know what your thinking.
How do I do it?
Well the best thing to do is make lists.
1) Daily chores (things that have to get done every day)
2) Weekly chores (things that have to get done that week not really on a certian day)
3)Monthy chores (things that needs to be done that month)

You can do more lists if you would like for the year or what ever you can think of.

So now you have the chores,print out a calender ( you can get one from
Now you just have to make your schedule. Make sure to put the times of your childs pick up if that is something you do. I like to put times next to the things I need to. I will block out
times, like Morning 9-12pm then afternoon 1-5pm then it isn't something scheduled every hour or anything but things are getting done. So how do you get that me time?
Look over your schedule, there should be at least an hour a day where you can sit down and do something for yourself. When your kids are between the ages of Newborn - 2 you will find this time while they sleep or when your spouse is taking care of them.
From 3-9yrs old the kids should be learning that you may need a time out to read or write or what ever you do to relax. Of course the younger they are the least they will understand this so you would have to explain to them that you are busy and you will help them in just a min.

So that is what you do.   By taking the time for yourself, you are also teaching your kids to take time for themself too when they grow up!  You will be a more relaxed parent, and they will be a parent that takes care of themself and helps  their spouse take time for relaxing too!

So today is my Me day! I am going read and relax and later make dinner!

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