Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new market research panel

Have you heard of Mobile Xpression?

Well it is a new market research panel that you download to your smart phone. It is very simple to do. You go to there website Click here  put in info about your phone, to see if your phone is set up for it. Then you will get a text from Mobile Xpression with a link to download. Click it and download onto your phone. It take just about a min. Install and then open the app. Then on the website click that is installed (unless it didn't which they have a customer service area to help you fix it) Then you get a message from the app asking if you want to sign up to win this weeks prize. Well Of course we do! Thats why we downloaded this to our phones right???

Oh I didn't tell you the best part. You use your phone like normal, the app runs in the background, I don't even see it running on my phone, the app sends info to the website. Now don't worry, they only want to know how you use your phone. Everyone uses it differently so it is important to share this info with anyone you can.
They want to know how many time you go to Youtube or google or Facebook. They aren't trying to get your personal info!

Sorry getting back to the best part, you win prizes! They have a drawing weekly and as long as the apps is downloaded and you have entered into the weekly drawing you could win a prize! Every week you will get a message with the name of the person who won, and a link to enter for the next prize!

Good luck to everyone and if you win comment on this post so we can congratulate you!


Sorry I have been MIA!

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time. Life kinda got away from me. I have to say, I have to give you working parents a hand! Well I haven't worked since my car accident 7 yrs ago. It's not that I didn't want to work, I loved the job I had before my accident. I just couldn't do it because my injuries were so server.

I am very lucky that in the last few years I have been able to do more and getting a part time job was the next step. I just didn't think it would take so much out of me. LOL I always seem to over due it and I end up making myself hurt more. I am also lucky cause I was basically handed this job. I happened to know the Manager and he knew I was looking for work and he asked if I could handle the work due to my limitations and I said yes or I will do my best. I always put in 100% or more when I do something. The only thing that was hard for me was when we had shipments and moving those boxes was hard but I did it and I am glad I did.
I pushed myself harder then ever before and I came out of it knowing I can do it.
With the hours I put in and the energy it took out of me I didn't even have time or energy for checking my email! LOL For weeks I didn't even turn on my laptop.

Now the job is over, It was seasonal, and I am catching up on all my emails and computer work.
I am looking for another job. It is very hard to get a job right now. I am still trying and I know it will all work out the way it is supposed too. It may mean moving out of state. I don't know where we are supposed to be but we will go where there is a job for me. Praying my Hubby gets approved for disability soon cause that would sure help pay bills!
I am going to try and post at least once a day!
We will see how that goes. I need to figure out how to schedule posts to post at certain times then I can write up a few posts and have them post at a later date! LOL Things I need to learn.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pies for Thanksgiving

So I have started working (which I love by the way) so my time is cut in half or more a day. I have been slacking on cooking dinner and doing the easy fast bag dinners or tacos and all the easy stuff. I LOVE to cook so I have felt bad that my family is having to eat food that isn't the freshest and all that. Well I decided I am not going to cheat this Thanksgiving!

I always make homemade pies and I am determined to do it this year too, working or not!
It is so easy to make home made pies and they taste so much better then store bought.

So my strategy is on Sunday (my day off) make my pie crust dough. I am making 3 pies so I will triple my recipe and after it is made up I will make 3 equal balls of dough and wrap them in plastic wrap place them in the fridge and they will be great till I make my pies the night before Thanksgiving.

After I cool my pies I will cover in foil, and set them in the garage. Well on my washer cause it is so cold here right now they will be perfectly fine and it frees up room in the fridge.

Here  is the recipe I use.

8 serving (two 8 or 9 in crusts)

2 1/4 cups all- purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup shortening, well chilled ( I use butter but I thought I would give you the real recipe and what I do!)
2 TB butter, well chilled
5 to 6 TB cold water

Combine flour and salt in bowl, mix for 15 seconds, Cut butter and Shortening into pieces and add to flour mixture. Mix till particles are the size of peas about 30-45 seconds. Continue mixing and add cold water one TB at a time, just until moistened dough begins to hold together. Divide dough into 2 balls wrap in plastic wrap and put in fridge for 15 mins.

When you are ready to roll out your dough put it between 2 pieces of wax paper you want it about 1/8th in thick.
Fold into quarters to put into pie pan easier. Unfold and press firmly into pan against the sides and bottom.
Crimp sides the way you like. I pinch them.

Like I said I will make the dough Sunday. I will post pics then! Also When I make my pies I will post pics.

What pies do you make?
I make pumpkin, Apple and pecan.
If you have any suggestions please post in the comments! We all can learn a thing or two!

Have an awesome day!  

Coupon give away!!!! $100 in coupons!!!!

Hey everyone!
I am giving away $100 in coupons this weekend only!
I want to mail them out by Monday so if anyone has last minute Thanksgiving shopping you can use the coupons!

Here is what you need to do.

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Good Luck to you all! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Closed minded people

Ok sorry to all of you that are just here for coupon info.

I need to vent!

I just saw a segment on the news about the Aids Walk LA 
It is a wonderful way for everyone to help raise money for more research and hopefully find a cure.
Well I am so tired of people hearing the word aids and start saying stuff like " oh they are gay" 
These people think that you can only get Aids that way! Well let me be the one to tell you that is so not true! 
ANYONE can get aids, if you don't protect yourself Aids is transfered when people have sex,
 using a condom greatly reduces the chances of getting aids. Animals cannot get aids and can't
 transfer it. Aids comes from blood, semen and other bodily fluids. You can't get aids from saliva so kissing, hugging, handshakes, and just about everything else will not give you aids. If someone has aids, don't worry about it, as long as you don't have sex with them you'll be fine. 

Aids can also be transfered by blood. If someone with aids has an open cut, you can only get it if you are to share blood or eat the blood by maybe accedetly mixing it with food but the aids virus can only live for five minutes outside of the body. If you give birth to a child while not having aids, and you some how obtian it in your blood stream and breast feed the child, it will get aids even though it might have not had aids after birth.

I got this info from

Stop being so closed minded about things you may not know about. Get the facts before you open your mouth. Please! 
Just because some one is gay it doesn't mean they have Aids either! Why not just focus on the person in stead of their sexuality. Who cares if someone is gay? I sure don't! I hope you don't either! 

This is something that bothers me so much when people hate for no reason! Get to know people for who they are!

Thanks for letting me vent!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ipad giveaway go enter to win!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giveaway is ending!!!!

Ok everyone, The giveaway is ending tomorrow!~

I received the mixer on Tuesday but I still wanted to give you all to Thursday cause that was the original ship date.

I just love it! I already made Zucchini bread and Zucchini- carrot muffins! My family is in heaven!

I will be posting pics and the recipes I used soon. I have just been busy and hurting really bad!

Tomorrow I will be driving my husband to the DR which is 2 hours away. Driving sucks cause it is so hard on my back and neck but I need to get him to the pain management Dr.

Hope you have a great day!