Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ways to find the good deals and coupons.

If you are new to couponing you may not know where you can go to get those deals or coupons.

First, many people know about the Sunday paper,but that is not all!
There are many sites where you can print coupons. ,, These are a few to start with.

Then Facebook is such a wonderful place to find coupon bloggers. So get a Facebook and start liking pages!
I hope to contact many bloggers to see if I can put their blog info on here so you can just click from my page to theirs! So stay tuned for that!

So now what every marriage needs is a date night to reconnect and just get away from the house or every day life, but how do you do that when you have no money or very little. You do have to decide if you can afford it. If you have to choose between paying a bill and going out to dinner, paying the bill should be your answer! You do not want to get into more debt!!!! That is not what I am talking about.
If you can afford it do it! Just don't pay full price!
I love You put in your zip code and then you scroll through a list of restaurants in your area that uses these gift certificates. Now these are at a discount already, but then they run specials where you can get the same certificates for $2,$3,$4 for a $25 gift certificate!!! What a huge discount!!!! Sign up for there emails and you will know right away when they are having these specials.

Here is what I do when I can afford it! I wait till the $2 special, then I stock up! They never expire! I will look up places we may be going soon, like we have friends that live in Las Vegas so I buy some for that area and my area and when we want to go out we can. The only thing is you have to read the fine print! They all have minimum purchase amounts. So most $25 certificates you need to spend $35. Really how hard is that? So you don't drink water with Dinner because you can splurge a little and have tea or soda!
Also you should show your waiter the certificate right away , they need to go call and make sure it is valid. They do add the tip on to the check too. I have never spent more than $20 out of pocket for 4-5 people eating. Not bad for a great meal and of course it is a huge meal.

Another sweet trick is there are website that give you cash back on online purchases. One is Sign up for this site then look around and find your favorite stores, do your normal shopping, hopefully using a promo code, and then you get cash back. I haven't had the money yet to actually buy anything, but I have seen so many people make a lot of money on the stuff they have to buy anyway, clothes, books, all kinds of stuff and I just found out that is on here too so I will be checking that out very soon!
I know there is more but I am getting very tired and I should clean up the kitchen still and do all my bed time chores so I can go to bed!

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My first post! Our back story.

Hi my new blog!
I would like to start out by telling a little about me and my family. My name is Lewann and I am married to my best friend and soul mate Josh. We have a 14 yr old Daughter Joey Rose.
We have had some tough times financially the last few years. Like most of the United States really.
For us it started in 2004, Josh was a Certified Electrician and his back went out. He was off work for 2 months. He was able to go back to work but in great pain. He has pushed his pain aside the best he can to provide for his family like the wonderful husband and Father he is. In 2005 I was rear ended sitting at a red light, I guess who ever the guy that hit me was talking too was more important then watching the road. LOL  

Well after that I ended up with many health problems and no insurance to deal with them. I won't go into all that other to say that I have Fibromyalgia and neck and low back problems. I am in severe pain all day. I am unable to work due to not being able to sit, stand or walk very long.

In 2008 Josh was laid off, at that time his back was not doing well. We couldn't afford insurance so he just dealt with the pain the best he could. He could work but not very fast and he needed many breaks and in the construction field you need to be the fastest you can be.
In 2009 Josh's back was just done. He could hardly walk, when he did walk he was so bend over like a little old man. It is so hard watching someone you love suffer so much. He applied for disability and we are still fighting for that.

In Dec 2010 Josh had surgery on his back!!! We found out the problem with his back is congenital, so he was born with it. Well the surgery went great! He had feeling in his left foot ,which he couldn't feel in over 2 yrs. The sciatica was much better at first, now it is back, not as much as before but it is back.

So we have gone through a lot in the last 6 years or so. The only thing that has gotten us through is the love we have for each other and our daughter and the support from wonderful family and friends.

So you may be asking why I wanted to make a blog.

Good question!!!!
I don't know! I love writing, I really want to write and publish a book, but also I have had to get pretty creative with our money situation to get bills paid, and still do things so my wonderful Daughter doesn't suffer because her parents aren't well.

I use coupons like they are money (which they really are if you think about it), I sign up with many groups to get free things or things at a discount. I don't pay full price, cause I just don't have the money to do it.

Right now with both of us not able to work we have to be on welfare to have any money (which isn't enough to pay our bills and we just have essential bills) I am very thankful that there is a welfare system when we need the help! I am all for drug testing all people on welfare. There are so many people misusing it and then it puts a bad taste in your mouth for anyone on welfare. I have been looking for something I can do from home, to make money, so we can get off welfare. We are also praying the disability case gets approved soon.

Any way I want to share with everyone all the things I do to save money, how to spend money better so you get the most bang for your buck! If you can get it for free Yippee!

Oh I have found a couple places online to do survey's for money so I am working on that and I will post that info also.
Well I guess that is all for now! If you have any question please feel free to ask.