Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok Followers! I am going to do my 1st Giveaway!!!!!!!

In spirit of me winning the Kitchen Aid Mixer, I will hold my own giveaway!

I will give away $50 in coupons I have 2 envelopes of $25 of coupons in each so I will pick 2 winners!

Here is what you need to do! Post a comment on this post about the best giveaway you have won so far and how long you have been entering giveaways!
If you haven't won yet, post what was the best giveaway you entered and how long have you been entering giveaways.

The giveaway starts from right now till I get my mixer!!!! Which I should get it on Sept 29th. So you have 10 days to enter!!! Good Luck to you all!


  1. The best giveaway I've won so far was a trip to London last year. I keep winning a lot of stuff though, I love entering giveaways :)
    meltheplux at gmail dot com

  2. WOW congrats on your kitchen-aid..I want one lol

    WOW MEL!! I'm jealous too ha

    I won a $2,080 sleep number bed! I gifted it to my Aunt:)

    Thanks for the chance!


  3. There's been a few, I won a Lenovo laptop and the year before an Alienware one (I gave that one to my son), and a new bed (I gave to my mom) and a 10-day stay at Hampton Inn (no blackout dates, so we went to the beach for a week!).