Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new market research panel

Have you heard of Mobile Xpression?

Well it is a new market research panel that you download to your smart phone. It is very simple to do. You go to there website Click here  put in info about your phone, to see if your phone is set up for it. Then you will get a text from Mobile Xpression with a link to download. Click it and download onto your phone. It take just about a min. Install and then open the app. Then on the website click that is installed (unless it didn't which they have a customer service area to help you fix it) Then you get a message from the app asking if you want to sign up to win this weeks prize. Well Of course we do! Thats why we downloaded this to our phones right???

Oh I didn't tell you the best part. You use your phone like normal, the app runs in the background, I don't even see it running on my phone, the app sends info to the website. Now don't worry, they only want to know how you use your phone. Everyone uses it differently so it is important to share this info with anyone you can.
They want to know how many time you go to Youtube or google or Facebook. They aren't trying to get your personal info!

Sorry getting back to the best part, you win prizes! They have a drawing weekly and as long as the apps is downloaded and you have entered into the weekly drawing you could win a prize! Every week you will get a message with the name of the person who won, and a link to enter for the next prize!

Good luck to everyone and if you win comment on this post so we can congratulate you!


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